A simple experiment

Here is an experiment:
(1) On a Vista machine that is NOT a laptop, log in as a regular user (not administrator).
(2) Open the web site
(answer “no”, or if you like you can answer “yes”)
(4) Drag the browser window around and see if the gears stay with the window.

This should tell us where the problem is.
Any takers?

By the way, on WinXP scrolling the page doesn’t invalidate the applet rectangle:

WinXP SP2, GF8600GT driver, FireFox 3.0.4

you should post this to the jogl forum:
or directly as bug report to the jogl project page. Looks like a regression bug for me.

It looks like we have two separate bugs.

If anyone else wants to run the test and post the results, it might be helpful for either issue.