A generic question, I hope someone can help?!

High there, never really understould the workings of openGL before but there is a lot of talk of updating your OpenGL driver at the moment, however everywhere on this site points to using the OpenGLsetup program, but when reading the txt file associated with that program;

  1. It’s a beta and there are a number of problems therefore listed. I’ve never reported back on a beta before, and I wouldn’t know how to do so.
  2. There are a lot of warnings that messing OpenGl updates can cause serious problems to your computer.
    So this in colaboration with the fact that it’s a beta, make me seriously doubt going ahead with the program, however I would like to update my OpenGL, is there a manual way of updating or would people reccomend me to use this file to update despite what I’ve read and said?

My OpenGl version according to my Creative Labs Blaster control latest version 4.27 or 28, can’t remember which, is stated as V.1.2.1. I have a Packard Bell P2 233Mhz, 64MB SDRAM, Creative Gefore 256 (Anhillator Pro) card.

Thankyou for any help or responce, my personal e-mail is psansum@btinternet.com if a direct reply is sent.

Okay, tried out glSetup and it works beautifully.