a gaming question

i downloaded this beta MMORPG called MUonline and well i have a fairly newer PC
AMD athlon +3200 1gig ram nvidia mb and a geforce 4 mx 420 video card
my drivers for the card are all updated and what not but when i start the game up the text is all screwy and really small and unreadable. now i dunno what version of openGL i have and how to download it, or i may even have it but im still stuck and annoyed cause it works fine on an older PC. that is P3 933mhz 512 ram and an radeon 7500 vid card. and it seems to work perfect, but also i have XP and the other has ME would the fonts or anything have to do it. im just unaware of whether its and OS issue or if im lacking my version of Open GL. thats what ive been told to check

This is propably just a game/driver incompatibility. Since the game is still beta you should report this to them.