A 3d open world sandbox game in OpenGL

My project is an open-world voxel sandbox game, greatly inspired by Cubeworld and Minecraft. Explore, craft and customize your gear, build your own structures, survive, gather the rarest resources of the land.

Currently, the game is in pre-alpha stage, which means that there’s nothing playable yet. I’m doing a devlog series, check it out if you want to follow the development from A to Z !
(I cant include links, just type on youtube Thibs Workshop you’ll find me :slight_smile: )

The game is made in a custom Java engine using LWJGL and OpenGL.

Upcoming features:

• Multi biome terrain generation, with caves filled by minerals with different properties

• Procedural structures, to loot and explore dungeons

• Crafting, you’ll be able to craft weapons, armor, tools, and customize them by directly adding cubes to it.

• Survival, coming with farming, passive and aggressive mobs, day-night cycle.

• Construction: remove and build anything, you’ll also be able to craft multiblock-structures, for example, to build a furnace you have to follow a certain pattern of blocks for it to work.