9800 pro opengl trouble

9800 Pro Trouble
I noticed alot of you folks are ATI users, I have bought my first Ati and at this rate, my last. Maybe one of you gurus can help.

System stats

Asustek P4PE-BP Motherboard
533 FSB overclocked to 605
Pent 4, 2.53 over clocked to 2.9 (50C) underload
512mb of ddr ram
Radeon 9800 Pro 128 (3.5 Cat driver)
Windows Xp Home

I use Powerstrip for my video card

Here is the trouble :

I set my refreash rate to 100 hz at 1024x768 and locked it. I set me FPS_MAX 100 (Day of Defeat)

I get 100 fps while playing, then when I run past something my card struggles to render it drops directly to 50 fps. I mean it doesnt bounce down around 90 or 80 and come back up, if my card cannot render what I am viewing at 100 fps, it defaults to 50 or half of the max fps.

I tried with the V-sinc in always on…it does it
I tried with V-sinc set to Default on…It does it
I even tried both off`s and it doesnt do it, but I get tearing.

So I set my refreash rate to 90hz and left my fps_max at 100, thinking that the card couldnt keep up with the refreashrate…still does it.

I set my refreash rate at 100 and my fps_max to 90 . … still does it.

I checked my bios(I admitt I am not sure what alot of the settings mean for the video) It seemed ok.

I flashed to the most recent Asustek bios…still does it.

Here is the fly in the ointment, I just upgraded my pc yesterday, my old pc was a pent 4, 1.8 intell mobo and a G-Force Ti 4600. it didnt do it.

I do not support 8x agp only 4x could that be it? how about the forcez buffer depth? what is it ? will that help?

even more weird, it doesnt do it with directx

there are agp/pci settings in bios, they are set to auto, when i click manual they have settings like 66.66/33.33 and higher. is my agp buss starvin? do i need to up voltage to my card?

Help !

Gee, only 50 fps??? <sarcasm>

Do you have antialiasing or anstrophic on?

If turning that off doesnt work, try using the windows xp approved driver for it

9800 pro opengl trouble when i play 1.6 my fps droppes like a brick my computer spec is athlon 2600 1.5 of ddr mis 400 mother board radeon 9800 pro 1.6 is counterstrick bye the way .tryed all setting s on /and /off /its got my head done in can u help me pls