3ds max exporter trouble

I’m unable to export this model from 3ds Max 7 using ColladaMax 1.03. Either it only exports the bones and animation without the mesh. Or it crashes Max. Am I doing something wrong or is the exporter bugged?

Max bugs need to be posted on sourceforge.
Please check the ‘latest plug-in’ post for more information.


Thanks a lot. I figured out the problem. A “TurboUnwrapUVW” in the stack (from a plugin) was breaking the export. Collapsing it away fixed the issue.

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I am having a similar problem with max. Everytime i try to export it crashes. my meshes are collapsed, and have been exported before using an older version of collada and 3dxi. i was using the igame version previously. i tried exporting with different options selected, and i was told the with 104 bake mattrices crashes some times. Well it didnt matter which option i chose. They all crashed :slight_smile: im using 3d max 8 service pack 3 collada max 104, 3dxi version 2, video card is ATI mobility radeon 7500, im on my laptop at present, which is p4 2ghz w/ 512 ram. Please let me know if you guys have any ideas…

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