3ds max exporter Max8 SP2 - Broken

So a short while ago, SP1 came out for Max8 and the Collada exporter stopped working (textures were not exported).
I reported the bug here but got no response.

Shortly afterwards I noticed that the Sparks website had a new version of GameExporter SDK (now renamed to 3DXI) which happened to come with a new version of the collada exporter which fixed the SP1 problem.
By the way, the links on:
really should be updated…

So now Max8 SP2 is released and again, the collada exporter is broken.
This time it just crashes on exporting any model.
After years of writing Max exporters I’ve come to know and love Discreets ability to break all backwards compatibility with each new release.
However, when I’m relying on 3rd party exporters such as the Collada exporter, then it gets very irritating to find it gets broken every few weeks.

Really, I’m a big fan of Collada and what it can do, but its hard for me to recommend it to any other companies when the exporters are so unreliable.

Is there any news on when the collada/IGame exporter will be fixed to work with Max 8 SP2?


Guillaume Laforte, our engineer who works on the Max translator, is absent from work today.

But if I recall correctly, Max8 SP2 is still in beta, and we haven’t had the time to test the Collada Max plug-in against this version. We apologize for the trouble and hope to fix this problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, we recommend that you keep using Max8 SP1 if the Collada translator is required for your project.



Sorry for the delay in answering your problem. We are finishing up basic testing on the latest version of the plug-ins.

They should be on the public forum within the next 24 hours.

Thanks for the patience.


Is there anything on this yet?
I can’t seem to find any info here or on the sparks site about any new files.


when can I get the latest version of the max exporter that has the fix for SP2 in it?


Sorry, I got caught in the GDC rush to get something for the COLLADA PS3 demo and then the debrief of GDC.
Here is the latest code for the plug-ins for R8 SP2. It works well with SP2 and contains a first implementation of the import of COLLADA FX data exported by FX Composer 2. Note that this is a work in progress.


Not a problem man,
Thanks for the heads up.