3DFX Voodoo 3/4/5 working OpenGL drivers for Windows XP and 2000!!!!!

I’ve been visiting this board or a long time, and ALWAYS I see some n00b posting something like “Voodoo sucks cause it doesnt work in my shiny new WinXP (or 2K)”.
Damnit ppl, if you could just learn to search for what you need online, then you wouldn’t be posting such n00b posts!!!
There are perfectly good and WORKING drivers for the Voodoo’s of all makes and models (even the never-really-produced V5 6000).
They all exist in one nice little site, www.voodoofiles.com www.voodoofiles.com www.voodoofiles.com
Don’t you ever forget this site!!!
And tell your friends about it too!!!
I’m sick and tired of posting replies for every little n00b!!!
So go d/l the drivers, install your game, fire it up, and FRAG SOMEONE!!!