3D Software problems


My name is Tony and I use 3D geological modeling because I am a geologist. I use the software named Move3D from Midland Valley. The software is optimized for Nvidia and it uses OpenGL. I am less then a noob in OpenGL but I think that my problems start here.
Now I have a Zotac GTX 780 OC and before this card I had a Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC. When trying to import a digital terrain model of 150MB to Move3D with r9 280x it worked perfect. When I tryied to open the same digital terrain model with GTX 780 I cant work with the model because it is much much much slower than R9. I tried to figure this out for almopust two weeks now. I spoke to Nvidia and Zotac and nothing. Now I was thinking, and see that r9 280x is OpenGL 4.3 and GTX 780 is 4.5 . Couldnt this issue be because the software has no support for newer OpenGL?

Thank you very much!

Your best bet is to look at the product documentation or talk to the company to find out what GPUs and GPU drivers they recommend. They know what GPU features their software is doing and how those techniques perform on various GPUs.

Thank you for your reply.
So the issue can be because the software does not support newer OpenGL (like 4.5)? Is this a posibility or this thing doesen`t matter?

OpenGL 4.3 is a subset of OpenGL 4.5, so both cards support all OpenGL 4.3 functions. Support for a newer OpenGL version in the driver should not matter at all.

However, different hardware/drivers have different performance characteristics, and a function that is very fast on one hardware can be slow somewhere else.

So do you know why if it is normal to get 50x better performance in this software with r9 280x than with gtx 780 (the software is optimized for Nvidia GTX which is very strange)? Or this is just a faulty GPU (my the gtx 780). Moreover I have benchmark both GPU`s and GTX 780 shows way better results and in games GTX is much better.