3D Prophet II MX PCI

How do you tell if you are using Direct X or Open GL in Rogue Spear and NBA Live 2001? how do you set it to use Open GL instead of Direct X??

By the way if somebody could tell me why it freezes a lot when I start a game I would appreciate it

In most games do you set it in video->options or similar and you can not tell what is used during gameplay.

It is normal that the screen is not updating all the time during initiation. Lot of memory is often used in this phase and if the program needs more than available will it use the harddisk. If you install more memory will the startup probably be smoother.

So do I need a bigger hard drive than 4.3? I boost graphics all the way btw…

Also… what is overclocking??

Also I got 160 MB RAM

I think 160MB RAM should be enough. The problem if the program is using the harddisk instead of RAM is that it is very much slower. Most games should start with 160 MB RAM without having to swap to the disk.

If your harddisk is almost full does it probably not work efficent. Windows has a defrag tool that can help.

Overclocking is to change the clock speed. This can be done both for Graphic cards (GPU) and the main proccessor (CPU). You can overclock a 500 MHz proccessor to 600 MHz. Two main problems:

  1. The system get instable and program freezes.
    or even worse
  2. The system gets overheated and some hardware is damaged.
    I think it exists tweak programs for GF2 that lets you overclock it.

So you wouldn’t recommend overclocking? I do have a 500 MHz