Z Buffer Error

I have a program I compiled when using Win98 (it worked fine), Now I have Win2k on the same computer, I have upgraded to DirectX9 and got the latest Video drivers, the program seems to be having problems determining which objects are behind others
the last object Called is drawn on top of the objects it should be behind
I have win 98 as duel boot , the program still works in win 98 so i know it must be software, other programs work ok, and it works if I turn all hardware acceleration off

Is depth test enabled? and not disabled before the last object is drawn? It is odd that it used to work on win98, but there has to be something different. Maybe a difference in drivers between the 2?

I used to run win98 and still run win2k and have had no problems.

Perhaps you aren’t getting the same visual you used to get. Make sure you request a depth buffer in the pixel format descriptor.

You may have just been lucky getting a zbuffer before, and never actually requested it.