Xt Toolkits


I am doing a study on OpenGL and would like to know if Motif is used, is the toolkit, Xt, used. I also would like to know if OpenGL requires X11R6.6 or XFree86.

First, you can use most recent versions of XFree86 with OpenGL - all that I know of, actually.

As, to my understanding, Motif is based upon Xt, then yes, you will be using Xt if you use Motif.


Thanks Chris.
If I understand you correctly, OpenGL does not need the Toolkit Xt since it is part of Motif.


Ummm, I think that’s right, but let me clarify…

OpenGL has nothing whatsoever to do with Motif, Xt, Xlib, or the like. It is completely independant.

Motif has an OpenGL drawing area widget, which allows you to use OpenGL to draw in your Motif application. Motif is based upon, or at least uses, Xt.

So the long and the short of it is, if you use Motif, you are using Xt whether you are using OpenGL or not.