XSI Exporter for Collada 1.4

I’ve been using the latest XSI exporter for a while now, and it’s working great. Now that 1.4 is moving ahead, I’m a little worried by the fact that Maya and Max have some support already, but the XSI tools haven’t been updated since October. I messaged ajclaude on the forum, but haven’t got a response yet. Does anyone know if/when I can expect 1.4 support for XSI?


I’m also eager to have Collada 1.4 support in SoftImage. AJ told me that they’re working on it but that he can’t give an ETA.

Hi all!

List of new features in XSI v.5.1

Built-in COLLADA 1.4 import and export for next-gen asset production
SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.1 now includes COLLADA 1.4 support. COLLADA 1.4 is a standards-based interchange medium that enables 3D authoring applications to freely exchange digital assets - enabling multiple software packages to be combined into extremely powerful pipelines. COLLADA is an open standard using UTF8 and XML. The COLLADA standard is part of Khronos Group of standards. For more information, visit www.khronos.org.

Does anyone know if they are going to be releasing Collada 1.4 translator for XSI 4?

We are not planning to support COLLADA 1.4.0 in older versions of XSI. We have done a lot of work in some core components of XSI to natively support COLLADA 1.4.0 so it’s very difficult to retrofit these changes back in 4.0.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

hi ajclaude,

the current XSI v5.1 docs (essential) state that this is the place to find the collada exporter.
in XSI v5.1 advanced (win) the collada option exists (by default?) in the import/export section.
in XSI v5.1 essential (linux) this doesn’t appear to be the case.

could you enlighten me?


Hi, COLLADA 1.4.0 support is included in all versions of XSI, including Foundation, Essential and Advanced, in the Win32, Win64 and Linux OS. The source code for the export/import is essentially the same source code as the dotXSIConverter. As for the documentation, it is being revised for the next update.


For some reason when I do GetFirstTextureCoordList()->Count gives me really the GetFirstNormalsList()->Count … Known bug? I can provide you an example .DAE if you want to investigate this.

Also, the FTK 5 that comes bundled with XSI 5.1 is not publically available? I see people can only download the FTK 3.6.3 from softimage web…

Please send it to me privately or if you are on support, you can report the bug directly via the web bug report form. About the FTK standalone package, we are working on it, but it is currenly not scheduled for release in the short term.


Hi jc!

What about Ageia physic data… you guys planning on supporting it?


Hello, when will the next update of COLLADA for xsi 5 be due? I am currently using COLLADA to get data from MAYA to XSI and back!