XSI Collada morph animation + OpenGL materials

  1. It seems that current version of Collada (Crosswalk 2.6) export shapekey, but not animated weightmap.
    (Source : http://softimage.wiki.avid.com/xsidocs/import_export_xwalk4xsi_SupportedSceneElementsandAttributesforCOLLADA.htm#Rmj64055)
    Is there a workaround to make it works ?

  2. XSI exports phong materials, but do not handle OpenGL Realtime (OGL_draw, OGL_shade… ). It’s strange that Collada exporter that is mostly use for 3d engine do not export Realtime Materials (as Ogre exporter do). Is there any project to support Realtime Materials (with OGL pass, and not necessary fragment/vertex shaders) ?

Thank You


  1. You’re talking about morph animation right? The COLLADA 1.4.1 file format itself does not support morph animation. It’s definitely on the radar for future versions. We could export the morph animation as an XSI specific extra also but we did not do that yet. We do export them in dotXSI 6.0 though.

  2. You should look into using the CGFx reatime shader. We do export this realtime shader in COLLADA either as an embedded COLLADA FX or as an external reference thru the nVidia NV_import extra. Regarding the OGL_draw and OGL_shade, again, COLLADA 1.4.1 does not support node base shaders and we did not made XSI specific extra neither. We do export them in dotXSI 6.0 also.