XRayCollada OS X plugins using OpenCollada importer


I wrote a simple lightweight viewer engine about a year ago to implement a Quicklook Collada plugin for Mac OS X. Its purpose is to display Collada files as quick as possible using an XRay-like effect. Recently I started using the OpenCollada importer instead of the older Collada Dom which boosts loading speed up to 4 times! I liked that so much, that I decided to release all that stuff under MIT license. The loader and the QuickLook plugin are already doing a good job, but they still got potential. So I hope for contribution from other developers, or for some miracle in the summer that actually allows me to spend more time on this project.

You will find a more detailed description, downloads, source code and movies on my page:


I welcome any feedback,



Chapeau Heinrich!

well done (as always) and cool that you are using using the OpenCOLLADA API :wink: A GSOC project is evaluating the API for use in Blender, too, so I guess there will be additional feedback this summer.

Again: great job,