XP Pro Open GL problems with Creative TNT 2 Ultra

Hi, this is my situation. Running XP Pro with a Creative TNT 2 Ultra [AGP] as primary and a STB Velocity 128 [PCI] as secondary. The primary is feeding a 19" CRT and the secondary is feeding a 15" LCD. Everything seems to be working fine, except that OpenGL doesn’t work. So I can’t play my games. And this is the kicker. Now that I uninstalled the LCD and removed the secondary, it STILL won’t run OpenGL games. Which, by the way, worked fine before. I tried manually removing all the drivers, and reinstalling as it was earlier, with just the Creative TNT 2 Ultra [AGP] as the sole video card. and OpenGL still won’t work. Any ideas?

as a side note: I’ve tried the newest drivers from creative, the newest detonators, as well as older 2000 drivers, since xp is just an upgrade of 2000. nothing seems to let me play with OpenGL

Thanks in Advance!

I had a similar problem, running my radeon on the primary and a voodoo3 as secondary. I was able to get opengl games to work again by uninstalling all references to 3dfx/voodoo. This included deleting all 3dfx related files from the /winnt dir, as well as all references from the registry. A tool like Regcleaner helps tremendously with this.

Good luck!