XP, OpenGL, Matrox MG400......HELP ME!!!!!

Yes, I have had quite some problems w/ my XP box and games tht utilize OpenGL (specifically…Tribes 2). When I first installed XP I could NEVER get Tribes 2 to run. Finally Matrox realeased it’s XP driver for my MG400 and I managed to get the game running last night(12/04/01)after a few attempts at uninstalling/reinstalling the game and updating w/ patches(damn Unhandled Exception ERRORS), although it doesn’t look as good has it did has when I was using Windows 98 . Using the OpenGL driver SEVERELY slows down my computer at 800x600 w/ minimal quality in evironment textures in Tribes 2 and I have been forced to use Direct3D drivers (frown again) which leaves the whole game looking bland! By the way I am using the following…

Matrox MG400 32Mb
Athlon 900mHz
Windows XP Pro

Please help me make my game pretty again.