XP and Half-Life Opengl Issues Workaround

This is to aid those that have been getting the “You video card in unable to use OpenGl Mode” nonsense. This is a workaround avoiding OpenGL and will at least give the Dev’s of openGl time to smack MS around and get them in gear.

First I would suggest clearing out any drivers you currently have on the system

These two Locations and Files will assist you. http://www.majorgeeks.com/showfiles.php?cat=28
DownLoad Drive Cleaner 1.0. The program works fast so dont worry if you dont see anything happen.
Detonator Destroyer. This is to be sure everything has been removed.

Next Download NVidia Drivers 42.82 or 43.00 on the right had side.

after the drivers have been removed, rebooted, installed, and rebooted again…

Open Half-Life Counterstrike select configuration-video-modes-Direct3d and select your video mode preference.

This is the FIRST true solution I have found dealing with this issue. Skyclipping did not happen.

The only other file I havent listed that may or may not effect this is the “GeForce Tweak Utility with Help File” at

I hope this helps those players still stymied by the issues…I apologise ahead of time to the openGL Devs and supporters that this workaround did not pan out to the openGL files. Unfortunately Everything I’ve researched and tried has not helped. If anyone has found a complete solution for XP involving the openGL files please be sure to leave it here with the full installation instructions. I, and im sure others, would greatly appreciate it.