xorg randr services in opengl API

What about the xorg randr extension services in opengl API?

This is outside the scope of OpenGL.

OpenGL is an API for rendering. It has nothing to do with hardware settings like resolution or screen layout.

That means opengl will never include such services like xorg extension randr provides?
Since xorg seems to push towards a X server on top of opengl, then we would end with a X server reduced to randr/opengl/GLX (or randr/opengl/EGL).

This X server on top of OpenGL can never work by itself. You always have to build a rendering context somehow.

So in practice, this will work roughly that way:
You have a thin layer at the bottom that provides low level services like managing devices, creating a rendering context for the X server, and so on.

On top of that, you have an X server that is implemented with the GL API, but not exclusively. Some things can be implemented using the GL API, some other things have to be implemented with another API.

It’s just not possible to implement an X server in 100% OpenGL, because GL is for drawing only. There are a lot of other things that are outside the scope of GL, like for example input.

That’s what I though.
Some people tend to think that randr services will be included in the new opengl API and xorg built entirely upon opengl… well something like that.
Then we are gearing towards xorg reduced mostly to “randr/opengl/glx” (for the graphical part).