XML and OpenGL communicating???

Ist there any possible way that I can communicate with openGL using XML as data by use of a xml-rpc or something else.Because we have a project to use xml with external programs and I wanted to use openGL in any possible way, but I can’t figure it out…
Any help link source or advise accept to forget wht I’m trying would be nice

Well glIntercept dumps many OpenGL commands to XML using a library wrapper.

It might be interesting to you in itself but you could take this XML dump and parse it sending it back to OpenGL if you wanted a challenge.

you could write your own scene description file and have a simple application parsing it and displaying it using opengl.

perhaps not much of xml-rpc but it’s at least something useful to have.


Depending upon the scope of the project you could I suppose implement a DOM event model. You could implement some of its events and prove they work by spinning stuff around in GL, changing rendering options and so on.