please help.

any of you have good config files?
cool colors and stuff?

please post screenshots

i’m having way to many problems setting up good config settings for xemacs


I started off with the stuff this guy has to offer (http://xemacs.socha.net/), then removed all the crap I wouldn’t use, and my setup is great.

You can also try:

Each of those places has links to other places, so that should keep you busy for a while

I’m going away for the weekend, but on Monday maybe I’ll post my .emacs along with some screenshots for ya.


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thanks a lot ofr the linkage.
i guess i can give xemacs another try…
been doing my hax0ring on nedit.

i think i’m going to be on linux a lot more then i initially planned.

mandarke is actually pretty cool.
and well.
my w2k is blown.
keep getting stupid errors, and none of the MS apps work.

guess i should figure out how to get my cd burner/scanner/tablet working in linux.

i still have to learn gdb.
i’ve gotten really acuston to useing the built in debugger in vc6.
hopefully learning gdb isn’t to complicated.
hopefully in a few hours ?


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