Looking for help to resolve the following issue while using ImageControls interface of OpenMAX AL in Android 9

com.example.nativemedia W/libOpenSLES: Leaving Object::GetInterface (SL_RESULT_FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED)

Here’s the code snippet. Getting error for GetInterface() call.

// get the ImageControls interface
res = (*playerObj)->GetInterface(playerObj, XA_IID_IMAGECONTROLS, &playerImageControlItf);
assert(XA_RESULT_SUCCESS == res);

// get brightness info
XAuint32 pBrightness = 0;
res = (*playerImageControlItf)->GetBrightness(playerImageControlItf, &pBrightness);
assert(XA_RESULT_SUCCESS == res);
LOGV("pBrightness: %u",pBrightness);