X402 & TNT2 = slow


Some few days ago, I compiled X402 and Nvidia 0.9.6 drivers, but to my opinion (and unreal tournaments) it’s real slow!
the gears demo in sdl and glut mode ran at some 180 fps.
some demo of my own drawing a torus with 4 light balls flying through it only ran at 15 fps, which is actually slower than X336 that gives me some 24 fps.
Unreal Tournament however didn’t even get 1 frame in ~6 seconds!
I can really see mesa drivers aren’t active anymore, since the other two small demos really used hardware 3d.


They address this issue over at evil3d.net (or was it org?) Evil Smoking Guy’s 3D page. There is some kind of tweek you can do to get yout mondo frames back.