X Files

Hello All
Is there any way that i can export x files from openGl?

It’s like asking if you can get original C++ code from compiled executable. OpenGL is not a data storage :slight_smile:
Of course you can send and store data in GPU for rendering, but it’s not meant for storing entire data structures and data dependencies.

For example - a model has some polygons and some materials. Application may store geometry (and sometimes materials but not necessarily) on GPU, but it’s entirely up to application to tell the GPU which materials to use for which polygons.

So your question should be - can application export .x files.
Answer is: depends on application.

Thx for this explanation, but again if I have 3d application that using OpenGL as its 3d graphics library, can this application use any technique to export x files ?

you didnt understand. one uses opengl to visualize stored data. if you want to store data in x its up to you and has nothing to do with how you visualize it.

Put another way, k_szczech is saying that the “export of X files” is a feature of an application, not a feature of OpenGL. It is irrelevant whether or not the application uses OpenGL.

We don’t know what application you are asking about so we can’t say if it supports X files. This is probably the wrong forum for specific application features also.

If you are asking if any application has the ability to export an X file just because it also uses OpenGL for its visualization feature then the answer is no.

“.x files” is just a format/way/structure of storing data… Correct me if I am Wrong…

If you want to get 3D data from OpenGL, you may try GLIntercept.