X Error of failed request when Using Stencil Buffer

I have been developing an OpenGL application using Mesa and GLX. It has been working fine for some time until I added support for a stencil buffer in the visual. With the stencil buffer addition, the application does not open and the following error message is written to standard out:

X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Major opcode of failed request: 1 (X_CreateWindow)
Serial number of failed request: 1625
Current serial number in output stream: 1729

I am using a DrawingArea Motif widget for OpenGL rendering. The DrawingArea widget is managed by a form.

Any help provided would be much appriciated.

Jeffery Lewis
Integrated Surgical Systems
Davis, California, USA

How does your arguments to glXChooseVisual look like? One guess could be that you forgot to give the stencil buffer size in the attribList.

We have managed to solve our problem. We upgraded our Mesa library from version 3.4 (which is what came with Red Hat 7.2), to Mesa version 4.0.1. The problem magically disappeared.

Jeffery Lewis
Integrated Surgical Systems
Davis, California

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