I’m trying to program an opengl App in Win32 and it will not use my hardware! It uses microsoft’s software drivers. I have the latest drivers from ATI’s site and there is no change. I have a 3D rage pro LT BTW (yes, yes, the card sucks). Anyway, HL, Q3:A, ect work fine! What am I doing wrong?


I don’t know if you use neither OpenGL in Q3:A or Direct-X so the fact that Q3:A uses your card doesn’t mean that your app’d use your card enchantments. What I suggest to do… Check if the newest version of opengl32.dll is in Windows\System\ dir.
If this fails, put this dll into your app directory.

try , opengl32.dll is the software driver its up to the cards maker to supply a hardware accelerator (btw it will not be named opengl32.dll)