WTF, WHy wont it RUN!!

Hi all, i have a question, i cannot run mohaa on my pc, i had it before but then i upgraded to a Coughrealcough xp home, and now all it does is install 3.11 mb and there is 1.27 mb left whewn i try to uninstall, can anyone hel me plz, it also says i dont have opengl,

i know it isnt my pc, i have a gigabyte ga-7vax and i run at agp 8x, ati radeion 7500, 512 ram ddr, and amd xp 1700+, it worked before, why not now?

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You have to install the OPENGL DRIVERS for YOUR VIDEO CARD! Windows does not come with every graphics card driver ever created. If it did, then it would be even more bloated than it is. Besides, M$ wants you to use DirectX, not OpenGL, so naturally OpenGL drivers are not included. Go to and get the correct drivers.