Wtf is wrong with my accumulation buffer

Am I missing something about the accumulatino buffer? Do I need to enable it or can I just start accumulating data to it?

have you tried giving your accumulation buffer a good talking to?

sometimes, i’ll go so far as to gently lean my tower on its side and commence a godless, steel-toed free-for-all, chuckling madly as my feet happily squib kick the evil electronic gremlin across the room. an exhaustive tongue-lashing can be an effective accoutrement, before, during, and after the foot-festival, with literal emphasis focused primarily in the vulgar and obscene.

perhaps you lack the stomach for such a distasteful spectacle? or could it be that you find this exercise excessive and wasteful?

please, try one of these:

  1. re-post your question in the beginner’s forum, where other like-minded newbies or generous experts would be only too happy to aid you in your buckwheater’s quest. (recommended)

  2. imbue your question with advanced content, meaning, and purpose; demonstrate that you have indeed read the manual; and exercise restraint when formulating a title for your post (wtf generally implies rtfm).

  3. have a swig of the old janx spirit, and think of better times.

Well, assuming you are working on win32 platform, make sure that when you fill out the pixel format descriptor that you specify you want an accumulation buffer. Then you can start accumulating into it.

Are you missing something about how to remain polite and calm ? … what the hell is going on around here…