Writing and GL Extension

Hello Everybody

I would like to try developing and gl extension. Do i have to be a registered developer for this, does anybody know of any documentation on developing extensions(other then how to use or writing a request).

Thanks, Ben

You obviously have to be an OpenGL implementor to expose an extension. I suspect you’re not.
You can however just write a layer on top of OpenGL that does what you want.

I guess if you follow the rules you can also just write an extension specification from the template (search facilities are wonderful!). But IMO as long as nobody shows interest in implementing your extension, that’s useless.

I guess it depends what you mean by ‘write an extension’. I’ve added extensions to some pass-thru style drivers I wrote, it’s just a matter of adding it to the extension query mechanism and adding it to your version of glext.h. As was mentioned, this is possibly not what you’re doing though.