writing a shader error checker in C

hi im writing a simple shader error checker in C to check for errors on compilation and link time. im having a big problem with getting the glShaderSource() function to work. i first create space for the code using malloc(codelength * sizeof(char)) then i attach the source to a created shader object with this line glShaderSource(shader, 1, (const char **) &code, NULL);. i belive the problem is with this line. ive even tried changing NULL to the length of the code but to no avail. when i try to get info on the shader it returns zero to glGetShaderiv(shader, GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH, &compileloglength); and zero to glGetShaderiv(shaders[0], GL_COMPILE_STATUS, &compileloglength); please donbe t point me to a shader error checker that is already out there, unless it has relevant code because i like doing little projects like these. any help would be great. thanks :slight_smile:

bool  CompileShaderFromMemory(GLuint p_ID, const char* p_ShaderString)
    glShaderSource( p_ID, 1, (const char **)&p_ShaderString, 0 );
    // Compile the shader, and check if there were compilation errors
     glCompileShader( p_ID );
    GLint compiled = 0;
    glGetShaderiv( p_ID, GL_COMPILE_STATUS, &compiled);
    // If there were compile errors, we might want to print them out.
    if (!compiled)
      GLint l,l1;
        GLchar* compilerSpew = new GLchar[l+1];
        glGetShaderInfoLog(p_ID, l+1, &l1, compilerSpew);
        Util_Warning(_T("Shader compile failed"));
      delete [] compilerSpew;
        return false;

    glAttachShader( c_ProgramID, p_ID );
  return true;

k i figured it out. i didnt realize i had to make an opengl context for the functions to work :slight_smile: