Wrapper opengl can't read settings file while displaying vrml files

Hi everyone. This is a weird problem, but maybe you know why this occurs.

I wrote an own opengl32.dll displaying standard-applications in a modified way. This also works on vrml viewers. To this opengl32.dll i also wrote a settings.txt where some settings are made. But when viewing a vrml file on the iexplorer, it doesn’t access the settings.txt. But it works when i am viewing usual opengl scene files.

is there anything like iexplorer forbids file acces or something?

thank you

I’m not sure this has anything to do with OpenGL, however…

The problem sounds like the application cannot find the settings.txt file to open it. Where does the application look for the file e.g. the current directory (i.e. where the application exe is), in a certain location (i.e. full path)?

How do you run the app - double-click, use a shortcut, etc?

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