world/model editor in linux?

hi all,

I’m rarely new to serious 3d programming, however, I have no access to a windows workstation to use 3DSmax, maya, or the hammer editor.

But as my renderer is evolving slowly by now, I’d like to create my worlds to test somehow without editing the plain world file of mine, cuz’ it’s exhausting for big real worlds.

Does anyone know some intuitive GUI to create a world and/or a model, and, probably knows where its native file format is described, so, that I can import it in my engine?

thanks in advance,
Christian Parpart.

I use Blender. It’s got features to export into ASCII-based files like OBJ, and it also has a Python scripting engine that you can use to export models to pretty much whatever format you desire. I generally write a python script to export the data into a format of my own design.

The GUI for Blender takes a bit to get used to, so you’ll want to look at some tutorials. Once you get used to it, it is a pretty powerful modelling tool, though.