World Editor for OpenGl Renderer

Hi guys.

I am new to OpenGL , I played around with it a little and managed to make a very basic render . I want to make the renderer to be cross platform so I decided to port it to SDL. I also want to make some tools like World Editor etc which will use the same renderer also help me debug some problems as it will be easy to visualize . I researched a little and found multiple ways of tackling the problem

  1. Use c# to make the tools GUI and use the c++ renderer
  2. Use the c++ libraries like Qt etc to do the UI trick
  3. Use c++ winforms
  4. Write your own GUI library(I don’t want to go in this road)

I only want WYSIWYG editor so that it should be easy to make custom UI and to play around with renderer. Anybody can help me to point into the right direction or share any tutorials?


Try out KickJS’s Shader Editor. It currently supports syntax highlight and compiles the code as you write.

If you are running OS/X you should try out the OpenGL Shader Builder, even though this tool feels a little out-dated:

/Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/OpenGL Shader

There is also the GLman, which maybe is more a GLSL sandbox environment than a editor. A good introduction to the program is found in the excellent book: ‘Graphics Shaders - Theory and practice - Second edition’.

Actually i wanted to make an editor like Unity , not a shader editor tool.