working with VC

I begin using opengl. how can it works with Microsoft visual stdio 6.0 how can i run the program from the c editor . where i can put the gl header files

Just like any other application you develop with Visual Studio.

OpenGL 1.1 headers and import library are included with Visual studio so you do not need anything extra.


If you want to begin coding OpenGL immediately, maybe a simple example will help get you started.

Go and visit this page , download and expand the ZIP file for Visual C++ v6.0 and start tinkering.

It includes the GL headers in the project and by simply opening the solution file, you can begin to work in the C++ editor immediately.

Another excellent source of tutorials is NeHe’s Site .

Good luck!

put the header files into Stdafx.h
you must also add three libs into the project. OpenGL32.lib GLU32.lib and GLAUX.lib(optional).