Wondering if...

Wondering if ATI Rage LT Pro is also supported by OpenGL and which files do I need to Download to get the latest updates on my system?

I mostly play RPG games such as Baulders Gate2 and Final Fantasies series… and a few other RPG games as well… and when I run them it doesnt go smoothly (flickers)then stops or freezing for a couple of minutes to a couple of hours and end up usually getting (“the blue screen of death” = blue screen errors…) and after I press ESC it closes the program…

I did went both to ATI and also went to compaq’s site were I download the latest drivers for my system… yet… its still has the same effect… err… problem… And also already downloaded that dx8.0

My system specs: (if needed)

AMD 2-450mhz
384mb sdram 100mhz
ATI 2x AGP Rage Lt Pro
CD-RW 12x8x32x

Its just the basic spec. if needed more info… let me know…