Wolfenstein Enemy Ter. on Voodoo5

I got that could not open gl subsystem error too! Could someone tell me how i can run this on a vodoo 5 video, I hate this POS card!! I cant run anything, the computer just resets when I try to run a game. I am using the XP default drivers for the video card. What’s a good driver out there that can get all my games to work??

I got a driver that runs the game now, but the text in the game (menus, chat, any text at all) is unreadable! It’s blurry and distorted I cant make anything out, how can i fix it?

try getting a video card that supports opengl

Dude if you dont want that card GIVE it to me. Shiieeeet Voodoo 5 OWNS. I wish i woulda got one before 3dfx went out of biz.

But anyway dude That card does support opengl. Try to do what i did when i got my voodoo 3 to run GL games on xp.

The default xp voodoo drivers will NOT run alot of games. What you can do is get a 3rd party driver.

I used the Ameigamerlin Drivers there to get my crap to run CS, ET and more to work on XP.

The pain in the ass thing is. You may have to install and uninstall a few to get the results you want but once you get it down you will be glad you did.

Originally posted by revenge_of_dos:
Shiieeeet Voodoo 5 OWNS.

Yeah… uh huh.

The Voodoo 5 is cutting edge if we live in the year 2000.

Kinda like I have an Atari 2600 that OWNS… if we were living in 1978.