With which program can I create and save 32 bits TGA file?


I created a TGA loader (that was easy ;-)) but I cannot find a program to edit and save TGA file with a 32 bits depth … Does anyone got an URL? if so, answer me thanks

I use Corel Photopaint, but i think you can use photoshop or any other image processing tool. In photopaint, I add a mask to the image, this is the alpha channel.

Another option might be Paint Shop Pro 7. I personally have only used version 4.12 ( which doesn’t have alpha channel support as far as I can tell ), and it’s far cheaper than Photoshop ( but also less powerful )…but I think they added alpha channel support on version 5 and later.

I think they have a trial version at the site listed below. At least that way you could see if it’s something that you even want to use.


I suppose another option is to maybe make a little utility program that can take two separate images, one image having the RGB information…the other being a monochrome Alpha channel…then just merge the files into the proper TGA format. Perhaps a lot more work to be sure, but if you only need to do this to a very few images it might save you a couple of bucks.

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