WinXP OpenGL?

I was reading the topic a few rows down regarding the OpenGL/WinXP situation. I just got WinXP and I’m not sure how to get OpenGL working on it. I learned OpenGL on Linux and needless to say, getting OpenGL setup on my Linux was a breeze. I am just wondering how do I setup/use GL on WinXP? I really don’t want to learn D3D just so I can use GL on my XP. Can’t I just use OpenGL through SDL or GLUT like I do on Linux?

To get OpenGL working, you shouldn’t have to do anything at all. OpenGL is automatically installed with Windows. Driver for your graphics card is a bonus, but not required to get it working.

Libraries is either shipped with the compiler, or the compiler comes with a utility to make an import library form opengl32.dll. Headers can be taken from Mesa , an OpenGL-like library.

Then, to create a window, take care of inputs, and other stuff needed to get started, you can use SDL/GLUT/GLFW, or any other third party library.

actually to get GL to work on XP you HAVE TO get your card drivers from the manufacturer the XP default drivers offer no GL support, and that shuld be it.