WinXP, KotOR, and graphics drivers ... oy!

Bought the game (naively, it turns out), plugged it in, no workie. Scan said that my graphics card was a spooty little OpenGL 1.2. Got an updated driver from my manufacturer ā€“ who stated that it supports OpenGL 1.4. But the game will not recognize it. It still insists that Iā€™m at 1.2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail. Any tips or tricks I can try ā€¦ short of getting a new graphics card?
Lil ol me :smiley:

NVM, everyone. Just noted that my vid card is an S3 piece of cr*p and will not work. Soo ā€¦ GeForce card already ordered and on its way soon.
Thanks anyway.

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