WinXP & GL

I have P2-450/128mbRAM and Voodoo5500AGP and I cant seem to get any kind of GL to work in my XP 2486? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


im on a 433Mhz Celeron I 128MB Ram Savage 4 16MB and im on windows XP (whistler)release 1
i got Q3,UT,SOF,Daikatana and MDK2 to all work
go to ur video card’s site and download the latest drivers and 3dfx glide dont work on windows xp
while u use windows xp with opengl games u might encounter that the computer sometimes automatically restarts when u try startin a game with either OpenGL or DirectX
believe me u will never regret ur usin OpenGL on Windows XP! its a whole lot better than windows 98!
oh btw…make sure u dual boot Windows98/XP if u r not get a win98 cd and install!..u need windows 98 incase opengl wont work!