WinNT vs Win2k

Hey Earthlings

i want to know which OS is better for coding OpenGL (I have used Win98 but it sucks .
Now I have the Choise between WinNT and Win2k but I don’t know what would you prefer ???

I have recently upgraded from NT to 2K and I am very happy with what I have now…

You should go for Win2K as it has everything NT had plus support for DX…



P.S.: some gfx card manufacturer might stop NT drivers as well !

As Eric pointed out, W2k has everthing NT has, which is simply because Win 2000 is in fact NT 5.0 (but they decided to rename it to something “cool”). So don’t use NT 4.0, use 2000.

Thanks guys that me a lot to deciede me for using WinNT 5.0 (called Win2k).

But one question more is there a good OpenGL Support for Win2k ???

thanks for answer…

Actually, Win2K comes with the usual Microsoft OpenGL software driver, which isn’t that bad but is only version 1.1. Moreover, there’s a problem with “black borders” appearing around your windows when you use this software driver…

To be honest, you wouldn’t use OpenGL in software these days… Now the support depends from your graphics card… If you have an nVIDIA or ATI card, their OpenGL drivers are really, REALLY good (and you can find NV and ATI people on these boards and they all are very helpful). I can’t speak for Matrox (I think their GL drivers used to be bad) and wouldn’t advise you to buy a 3DFX (if you can still find one anyway)… Ah yes, it seems that Kyro isn’t too bad if you are short on money…

Well, hope this helps !



I much rather see people use Win2K (and XP soon) than NT 4.