WindowsXP and OpenGL

Is there a place where i could find opengl drivers compatible with winXP. I just bought it, and i’d like to use it.
Thank you!

windows xp shouldn’t require an additional driver for openGL. XP is compatible with openGL, maybe your referring to your video adapter.

The Drivers supplied by my video card manufacturer are works under winME but not under winXP. For example. Quake3 arena works without problems under winME but not under WinXP with the same “openglsetup.exe” downloaded from So it’s clear ! The OpenGL drivers does not work with winXP. Wich brings me back to the same question. Is there any OpenGL drivers that would work with winXP. This is unless i’m doing something wrong ! Please someone help me !
Thank you !

Unless your video card supports OpenGL under WinXP (most newer cards do in one from or another) you maybe out of luck. What card do you have?
It is the card maker who will supply the driver.


That’s my problem. They say it does, but it does’nt. Unless like i said, i’m the stupid one. (Possible hehe). My Card is a Matrox g400 max. Like i said. There “powerdesk” (Drivers for the card) Supposidly contain openGL drivers. The Games works well in ME but not in XP. Maybe i should buy a new card.
Thank you. I appreciate any help.

Did you at one time have a 3dfx card installed with WinXP?
If so remove the 3dfxopengl.dll from the system32 directory. If not remove it anyways it should not be there if you don’t have the card. Other than that I have no clue since I use a GeForce(there drivers seem the best).


NO i never had a 3dfx card. But thanks for trying.