does anyone know how to create more than one window within an application? not sub-windows within a frame, but two separate windows in opengl using glut…

You do the same as with sub windows but use glutCreateWindow instead of glutCreateSubWindow. From the man page
" glutCreateWindow creates a top-level window. The name will be provided to the window system as the window’s
name. The intent is that the window system will label the window with the name.

   Implicitly, the current window is set to the newly created window.

   Each created window has a unique associated OpenGL context. State changes to a window's associated  OpenGL  con­
   text can be done immediately after the window is created.

   The  display  state  of a window is initially for the window to be shown.  But the window's display state is not
   actually acted upon until glutMainLoop is entered. This means until glutMainLoop is called, rendering to a  cre­
   ated window is ineffective because the window can not yet be displayed.

   The  value  returned  is  a  unique small integer identifier for the window.  The range of allocated identifiers
   starts at one. This window identifier can be used when calling glutSetWindow."

thanks nvidia_linux…where did you get this information?

You mean the GLUT man pages?
They are in the GLUT source distribution

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