Windows XP - Pixel Formats

I tried to compile and run a sample program from the Red Book, one that dealt with a fog effect. The program compiled fine, but when I run it, it tells me something along the lines of “Pixel Format Unsupported, etc”. I’m not sure how to set the pixel format/determine the pixel format with these functions that are provided in the Red Book:
int ChoosePixelFormat( HDC hdc, etc );
BOOL SetPixelFormat( HDC hdc, etc );
int DescribePixelFormat( HDC hdc, etc );
BOOL wglDescribeLayerPlane( HDC hdc, etc );
BOOL GetVersionEx( LPOS…etc );
How do I use these to set/find out the pixel formats that I need?
Programming OpenGL on Linux was a breeze, but this XP stuff is weird, lol. I don’t remember Linux ever complaining about pixel formats…

Hi !

When you try to set a pixelformat, you describe the features you want (double buffer and so on), if you try to request an option that is not available on your hardware you would possibly get an error message like this. If you could post the code that does the initialization of the PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR and the call to the SetPixelFormat it would be easier.