Windows XP openGL

Out of the many people i have talked to who own and use Windows Xp as their OS, OpenGL for XP would be one of the best additions to the new release of OpenGL. I’m a gamer myself, so OpenGL is a need for my computer, bu unfortunetly i cannot use it. Please take in mind adding Windows Xp as one of you supporting OS’s. Thanks

1)OpenGL doesn’t care about platforms. It’s a specification.
2)Even so, there are shedloads of OpenGL implementations that work on XP. They’re called “graphics card drivers”.
3)If you can’t play your latest GL game on XP, ask in the user support forum. Chances are you either have a card that’s below the system requirements for the game, or you need more current drivers. But this here is certainly not the place to ask.

I agree, openGL works for all platforms as long as they have correct hardware.

and correct software (drivers before all)

well ya