Windows XP + OpenGL = It wont texture Map?

For some reason I cant texture map with OpenGL on my computer. When i send it to my friends on their computer they all said that it works on their computers(which theirs are not windows XP). Im using Windows XP and their is problems. Anybody have the same problem or if so can you help me.Oh and by the way i got a Nvidia TNT2 M64 with 32MEGS of RAM.I can Allso play games but i cant texture map.


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I recommend a Nivdia TNT2 M64 with 32MEGS of RAM for 27 dollors at
It good because thats what my computer uses and it serves me well so get that if you want and it supports OpenGL.

You’re having troubles texturemapping, yet you say “it serves me well” and recommend someone else get the card?

When you say you can’t texture map… are you writing your own opengl code, and not able to texture map, or when you play games does it not texture map?

Ok look. I write my own code in OpenGL and when i try to texture map it wont texture map. Even when i download sample programs thats dealing with texture mapping it wont show their project with the texture on it.
But when i first got the computer in Jan, it was able to texture map but now in Marc it cant.It just show the model i created but not the texture and i know im doing it right because i send it to people and they say it works. But it dont work on mines. So im guessing it’s either my Card which i doubt or my OS which i trully believe.I think i should down grade to windows 98, 200, ME.

I develop on win2k and it’s a pleasure, I’ve had (and heard) of nothing but bad luck with WinXP. I don’t think I’d like to develop on Win98 or ME though, for stability reasons.

Good luck.