Windows XP Home C/C++ IDE

This isn’t necessarily an OpenGL question, but I am
asking it here, because I know someone here must
know the answer. I want to learn C/C++ programming
on Windows. I have Windows XP Home, but all the
C/C++ development tools I see seem to be for
Windows XP Professional. So my question is, are there any
C/C++ development tools for Windows XP Home, or must
I upgrade to Windows XP Professional?

 Thanks for any replies.

I’m sure the Visual C++ 2005 Express will also work on Windows XP Home. You should try that as its a free download.

[ | vector_math (3d math library) | software renderer ]

I had less problem to develop OpenGL stuff with Dev C++ .
There are even community packages with GL starter samples, that you can download directly from the IDE.

Dev C++ is the one I use as well.Unfortunately maintenance has stopped for some time now,before some of the bugs were fixed.But it is stable enough, in my opinion. However I would recommend Visual C++ Express if you’re interested in trying examples from the net, as most of them are written for the microsoft compilers.

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