windows wp

i have recently upgrade for windows xp, but i don’t have the drivers for easy cd creator and gravis game pad pro…are you have it?

Well, i’m not sure if this helps, but Easy CD Creator probably won’t work with WinXP because it uses an ASPI layer, which all Windows NT systems (WinNT, W2K, and WinXP) lack. Nero Burning Rom ( is the only burning software I found to work with W2k, so I’m pretty sure it’ll work for XP too.

P.S. Don’t try to install the ASPI layer by force with ForceASPI because it will cause Nero to NOT work since Nero will use the ASPI layer when it is present, when the ASPI layer is NOT present, Nero uses it’s own drivers, whoch work in W2k and (probably) in WinXP.