Windows NT rendering slow unless I'm administrator

I have an application using Glut which is working fine on Windows 98. I tried running the app on a Windows NT box. If I’m logged in as a regular user, it is slower than hell (<1 fps). If I’m administrator, I get performance just like my Win 98 machine (>30 fps).

After reading some other post, I’m wondering if the app is going into software rendering mode for some reason. Is there any way you can find out if you’re using hardware acceleration or software acceleration within an app?

This sounds as if the graphics driver installation is screwed up in the registry.
I would recommend to uninstall the graphics drivers (from the administrator account), revert back to the VGA driver, and re-install and run the graphics drivers to see if it’s working.
If it’s not working from a user account the driver might not get access rights to the registry settings. Check with a different driver if you can.
If nothing helps, you might consider calling the support hotline.