Windows.h vs GLUT using .NET

An alternative that seems kind of suitable is to use windows.h for windows. This kind of takes away the advantage of GLUT since it is portable. The main code, which is OpenGL is portable so changing it would take some time but if you don’t like GLUT or prefer not to use it or can’t use it (as with .NET). Then it seems to be a sortable alternative. Linux comes with development kit for KDE and Qt.

The reason GLUT won’t compile with .NET is part of Microsofts evil masterplan to rule the world. Not really, but the seem to want to change every thing to give a bigger impression that they did a lot (which they did, finally some good products from Microsoft!). The real reason is because .NET doesn’t like the x, y, and some other variables that don’t keep it from compiling but keep the window from initalizing. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just keep the settings in the projects menu, it is there but you have to do some stuff to get it. The place is in the solutions, it is the icon at the top.

I still like VC++ 6.0 since it has no problem with GLUT. GLUT is really great and all but doesn’t work with .NET… yet. Someone could fix it but oh well.

Well, if using the Native OS API is a good thing then I don’t want to be right.

Hmm, let me try this again. GLUT isn’t bad, I just dislike the idea of not being able to wrap everything in a class. When I learn how to do classes that is.

I am not sure what you are getting at, if you write a program with glut and do not use any MS windows calls you will be ok.

The glut library has to be rewritten for each system it is used on.

The glut library for windows, has windows calls, while the glut for linux library has x-windows calls.

It is just the nature of some windows compilers that require you to have the windows.h defined out side of GLUT.

Even thought in the GLUT.H header is a line #IF WIN32 #include<windows.h> #ENDIF

Just have to rem it out or add a compiler if statement to check at compile time what computer system the source is being compiled on.